The New Pilgrims community meets at 10 a.m.  every Sunday in Boyd Hall
(22 & “I” Avenue) on the garden level of the United Methodist Church in Anacortes.

We foster a space for a caring community that provides a spiritual home.

We welcome doubt and inquiry, promote love of creation and support
abundant life for all.

We are a progressive UCC church dedicated to serving our communities
and caring for our environment.

We value openness to different ideas and approaches on religion
and value your individuality

Please take a moment to explore our website.

Please join us for inspiring messages and discussions,
and we create together music, rhythm, prayers, poetry and fellowship.



Join us for JOY!    Sunday, February 11, at 10 a.m. in Boyd Hall

Joy – wouldn’t we all like to live there!
The Dalai Lama lost his country and became a refugee and an international inspiration.
Bishop Desmond Tutu lived through apartheid in S. Africa and became part of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

They say we  *can*  live there. Both are realists.

They share the obstacles to joy and the 8 pillars of Joy they have gleaned from their experience in practical and usable ways.

Come join us then with Rev. Barbara Gilday as she shares her inspiration for joy.
10 a.m. service this Sunday in Boyd Hall.

Reverend Gilday is a Unitarian Universalist minister, who conducts Heart Centered Therapy
and Circles of Women for client therapy. She has been a great friend to New Pilgrims’ community over several years!

Good news!
Pastor Becky is recovering well and her Physical Therapy is coming along, but she said she gets tired and sore so is grateful to have an additional Sunday off. She looks forward to being back at New Pilgrims soon.

Church Council meeting after coffee time this Sunday. We will having exploratory discussions of our new Youth Ministries initiative, as well as catching up on other business. Everyone is welcome!



Lenten Series
During our Lenten worship services we will relive the last week of Jesus’ earthly life, following the Gospel of Mark and The Last Week by Marcus Borg and John Crossan.

Outrageous Acts Study Continues
We are studying the third and final portion of Acts of the Apostles, again using the UCC Still Speaking study guide. All are welcome.

New Guerrilla Groups Forming
1. Listening Team
As part of our commitment to be a listening congregation, we will listen, share and learn, and empower others to keep listening, sharing and learning. Our text will be The Power of Listening: Building Skills for Mission and Ministry by Lynne Baab.

2. The Challenge of Paul
Explore the historical Paul, his letters and his ministry in these DVD sessions featuring renowned scholar and historian John Dominic Crossan.

3. New! Emerging Church
On the 500th anniversary of the Protest Reformation last October, we talked about the possibility that the Church is undergoing a new reformation, focused on Jesus’s teachings of nonviolence, love, healing and transformation instead of rigid dogma and doctrine.

Some call this movement Emerging Church. Through reading, listening and discussion we’ll explore the Emerging Church and its implications for being Church in the 21st century.

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